Litigation Services

We provide expert witness services and litigation support for a variety of litigation purposes. We have extensive experience in both State and Federal Courts, in Florida and elsewhere.

Divorce Actions

Appraisal of marital properties, including residential, commercial, land, partial interests and other situations. We can provide assistance with litigation, through trial if necessary.

Eminent Domain

The eminent domain includes any involuntary taking of property by governmental action. We have worked both for and against a variety of government bodies on many projects, including road improvements, other infrastructure projects and easement takings.

Construction Defects and other Diminution in Value

Properties can be damaged in many ways, including construction or repair defects, mold damage, defective drywall, subsurface failures such as sinkholes, encroachments by neighbors, flood zone changes and many other causes.

Signage Litigation

We can value the damages caused by the loss of business signage through zoning code issues, variance, condemnation or leasing issues. We are also expert in billboard valuation.

Bert J. Harris Private Property Act

We have represented private property owners in various counties and cities of Florida, documenting the diminution in value caused by government regulations.

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