Consulting assignments can include many kinds of analysis of real estate value. These might include an appraisal report, support of litigation or other purposes. Some of the most common types include these.

Tax Assessment Appeals

We represent private property owners in assessment appeals for all property types. We understand the requirements of Chapter 193.011 of the Florida Statutes in preparing a formal appeal. We pursued successful appeals in multiple Florida Counties, for many property types.

Land Use and Rezoning

We prepare proximity studies designed to address the claim that land use changes negatively impact surrounding real estate values. We also prepare market studies to provide proof of economic demand for changing land uses.

Appraisal Review

We perform a formal review of appraisals performed by others, including in litigation situations.

Bert J. Harris Private Property Act

We have represented private property owners in various counties and cities of Florida, documenting the diminution-in-value caused by government regulations.

Estate Valuation

We are familiar with the specialized issues sometimes involved in the valuation of inheritance properties, such as division among multiple heirs, taxation issues, retrospective valuation and disputes between parties. We are able to value real estate portfolios of any size, including holding across multiple jurisdictions.

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